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Tutum Protect Signs a Cooperation Agreement with the Mangini Group

Tutum Protect Ltd has signed a co-operation agreement with the Mangini Group to supply their world leading structural healthcare solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Tutum Protect is pleased to announce that we have signed a co-operation agreement with the Mangini Group to add their world leading structural solutions to our product offering.

Our partnership with the Mangini Group means that Tutum Protect can supply much needed biological containment environments as well as fully functioning “turnkey” solutions for new hospitals either as container solutions or as prefabricated structures. These cutting-edge solutions are ideal for new healthcare units in isolated locations or as temporary units in airports and passenger terminals to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and infectious diseases.

Founded in 1956, the Mangini Group has been supplying healthcare institutions for more than 60 years and is recognised as an international brand leader. It is one the few manufacturers in the world that designs, produces and installs high-tech mobile partitions with seismic-proof, fire-proof, acoustic and environmental certifications.

Biological Containment Environments

Constructed from mobile walls and systems, Mangini’s biological containment environments are solid, flexible and safe to construct and are ideal for preventing the spread of Covid-19 as they can be set up in record time.

Modular Hospitals

Modular Hospitals can be erected as plug and play solutions in as little as 5 days (intensive care units) or a few months for entire hospitals using local contractors and local workforce, minimising time and use of resources. All solutions are complete with structural walls and systems (water, sanitary facilities, independent electricity, emergency electricity, air conditioning, oxygen systems) and respect the highest standards of sealing and mechanical resistance to shocks, chemicals and fire.

Pre-fabricated Hospitals

Pre-fabricated hospitals are fully functioning semi-permanent structures. Dimensions can vary from smaller solutions to fully functioning complex facilities and they offer an attractive alternative to traditional brick and mortar hospitals.

Mangini’s products are regarded as the best in the world and Mangini has recently won a significant tender in Europe to supply modular hospitals to a major European Government.

We look forward to working with Mangini to supply much needed high-quality structural healthcare solutions to our customers.

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About Tutum Protect

Tutum Protect was born with the sole purpose of trying to create certainty and stability in fragmented and disrupted supply and distribution chains. Our mission is to help the African private and public health sectors better access the global supply of personal protection equipment and medical equipment and solutions.

Through access to established producers all over the world, from 3M in the US, to rigorously tested Asian and European manufacturers, Tutum Protect can bring the certainty and safety of timely deliveries.

We practice a high degree of transparency over the pricing of the products we source and are quick to react to challenges which may arise over their supply. 

Our promise is to act with integrity and in South Africa we are committed to donating 10% of our annual income to The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and are aligned with the permissions required by the World Health Organisation, (WHO).

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