Your trusted PPE, hygiene and testing supplier

Who We Are

Tutum Protect brings together professionals with significant business, medical, trading and marketing experience to help businesses, care homes, clinics and organisations access the global supply of Personal Protection Equipment and Medical Equipment.

We were born with the sole purpose of trying to create certainty and stability in fragmented and disrupted supply and distribution chains.

About Tutum Protect

A trusted supplier for all your PPE, hygiene and testing needs

At Tutum Protect, we believe that through transparency, supportiveness and simplicity, we can do our part to support the fight again Covid-19 and other infectious diseases. Through access to established producers all over the world, from 3M in the US, to established and tested Asian and European manufacturers, Tutum Protect can bring the certainty and safety of timely deliveries.

All this at competitive, transparent and fair prices.

As a global supplier of personal protective equipment, hygiene and testing solutions, Tutum Protect is trusted by hospitals, government agencies, care homes, corporations & SMEs to supply products in-bulk and on-time.

Tutum Protect's Mission

Transparent, fair and ethical

We source high-quality, ethical and competitively priced products with the goal of supporting businesses, governments and organisations to protect the well-being of their people.

Tutum Protect practices a high degree of transparency over the pricing of the products we source and are quick to react to challenges which may arise over their supply.